School drop out to millionaire: A look at ‘Chincha Guluva’ Kaizer Motaung’s lavish life and business empire, net worth revealed

With his fame and affluence in the world of soccer, one may think that Kaizer Motaung was born rich. While growing up, the concept of being rich and famous was far-fetched for him, but he worked hard to be where he is today.




Kaizer Motaung, famously known as Chincha Guluva, grew up in the apartheid era and had no chance to go to varsity. He only attended his education to grade 8 and dropped out of school due to financial and economic disputes. After dropping out of school, Kaizer started playing soccer in the streets of Soweto; that’s when his nickname Chincha Guluva was formed. He became a household name in his ghetto and was later discovered by the Orlando Pirates, where he was first signed as a full-time player.

His extraordinary football skills when Orlando Pirates signed him opened new doors for him in his career, and he was introduced to the international soccer world. In 1968, Atlanta Chiefs Founder and owner Dick Cecil and former West Ham United player Phil Woosnam, manager of the Atlanta Chiefs, recruited Kaizer Motaung. After being recruited by Atlanta Chiefs, he managed to woe the world with his football skills, becoming one of the most paid soccer players. He later retired from Atlanta and formed his football team Kaizer Chiefs.

A look at ‘Chincha Guluva’ Kaizer Motaung’s lavish life and business empire, net worth revealed
Kaizer Motaung
Kaizer Motaung: Image source @Instragram
Kaizer Motaung streams of income
Questions have been asked about the soccer legend’s sources of income. Motaung makes most of his income from his career in soccer as a player, football club owner and soccer administrator. As of 2022, he has a net worth of R812 million and is living a lavish life, although he doesn’t flaunt it on social media.

Besides hefting millions from his soccer career, Motaung has his hands in other businesses. He is the brains behind the Kaimot Investment, a management company the firm specializes in managing financial assets for institutions and individual clients.

Kaizer Motaung
Kaizer Motaung: Image source @Instagram

Motaung also owns Kaizer Investment Holding Limited, which is believed to be his primary source of income. He founded his company in Feb 1996, not knowing it would excel as it is today. It’s like everything that Motaung touches turns into gold. To be a trophy father, Kaizer Motaung has also introduced his children to entrepreneurship, and they are doing well in it.