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Phindile Gwala Ngandu, popularly known by her recent name as Fikile from Imbewu, is a South African actress, speaker, and entrepreneur. Phindile was born and raised in 1986 in KwaZulu, South Africa, in a Christian family whereby both of her parents were Pastors.While at school, Fikile from Imbewu participated in drama which helped her nurture her acting career and dreams. Later, Phindile pursued AFDA at The School for the Creative Economy due to her passion for entrepreneurship.





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Phindile Gwala has been featured in several shows such as Muvhango, Uzalo, Zaziwa, and Imbewu. Phindile started her acting career after landing a role on a SABC 2 TV show, Muvhango, in 2012, where she acted as a receptionist by a stage name Nonny.However, in 2018, Phindile exited the soap opera, Muvhango to focus on her entrepreneurial dreams and promote her brand. After two years of pursuing her dreams, Phindile returned to acting, where she landed a role in a soap opera aired on known as Imbewu.She was assigned the character of Fikile. However, after several acting and auditions, there was news that Fikile from Imbewu was quitting the show. Despite her role as the face of the drama and soapy series. Fikile from Imbewu was shown the exit by the executive producers and directors of the show.

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However, the show’s spokesperson confirmed that Fikile, alongside another actress, will be exiting Imbewu but only for short. Therefore, there were concerns and growing suspicions about why Fikile from Imbewu was leaving the show.The directors came forward and stated that her acting art does not match her role and that she has been incompetent and unable to prove her acting career. In other news, Fikile indicated that she was leaving the drama show because it took a toll on her private life.However, more news behind the reason Fikile was leaving her role and the show has not yet been identified, but it has been confirmed that the actress left the show on a mutual agreement.

Phindile Gwala or Fikile from Imbewu has been married twice. Her first husband died in a tragic road accident, leaving her with a child they had together. Since then, Fikile did not give up on her belief in true love and believed that even as an actress and celebrity, she would still find true love.She has reported being involved in other relationships whereby her boyfriends dated her because of her fame. However, she was lucky enough to find true love after meeting Armando Ngandu, a Congolese with whom they married in a beautiful traditional ceremony in 2018.

Since then, Phindile lives with her husband and two children, one of which her husband had from his previous relationship. Her husband has been supportive and helped her pursue her entrepreneurial dream. For instance, the couples their own businesses in Johannesburg.For instance, the Ngandus own Shisa Nyama business and Lotha’s Car-wash. They have also invested in the entertainment business whereby they have launched their own studio, Ngandus Productions, which