Remember Generations ‘Mazwi Moroka on 7 de laan’ back then? Get to know more

Musa Ngema is an actor who is known for his role as Mazwi Moroka, the son of Archie Moroka, on Generations: The Legacy. In the show, he comes from a wealthy business family, but his marriage has always been hard because his brother Smanga got his wife pregnant.





Now, let’s take a look at the real-life person who inspired the character Mazwi. Musa has been working as an actor for a long time, long before generations the legacy. A few years ago, he played the role of Lindile on 7 de laan. He also played Norton on Rhythm City.

He is not as cocky in real life as he is on TV. He is a speaker who gets people excited and gives them hope. He has also acted in plays like “Cinderella,” “Animal Farm,” “The Crucible,” and more.

The actor and motivational speaker thinks that his world is complete because he has two strong women in it: his mother and his longtime girlfriend. If social media is any indication, Musa likes to go to the gym, which is clear from the way he looks.