A couple celebrates their 1 year anniversary together.

“Last month marked the 1 year anniversary of a relationship that has enriched my life in a way I would have never imagined, a one filled with adventure, and nothing but love. Today marks the second day of the rest of our lives together. Heaven is betting on us.”




Baradi Moletsane has gotten married traditionally after Lobola/Magadi negotiations were conducted at her home, surely. It was successful, but she has not revealed how much they have agreed on. Since the 21st century, when it comes to Lobola/Magadi negotiations, it has been money. They have substituted livestock (cows), and it comes from the fact that other people do not have the cows.

Surely they had a beautiful and amazing negotiations looking at how they were wearing their traditional attires. She is celebrating their first anniversary since being together. It is amazing to get married, and it should be done at the right time, not because someone close to you has gotten married and you are competing with them.

Baradi has posted a picture where she is wearing the traditional attire for her negotiations and later tweeted that she is happy for it. At the moment, they are expected to officially celebrate their new chapter in life. It would be amazing to see them having the longest marriage. It is bad how many people are not able to mark the passing of years of marriage.

It is amazing to see people from different nations or tribes getting married. It shows how people are getting along despite what happened in the past. It is good to move on and not let go of the past, because what has happened cannot be changed. But you can do something different, which was not done in the past, but it has been seen where some people are not getting along because of racism.