Meet Thando, the lady whom people confuse with Lady Zamar

Thando Mbatha, who is 31 years old and from Ncekwane Town outside of Empangeni in KZN, looks a lot like the singer Lady Zamar. Some people think she is Lady Zamar and are impressed by her.


Thando said that when she meets people in public, they ask to take pictures with her and ignore her when she tries to tell them she is not Lady Zamar. Many people can’t tell the difference between her and Zamar, the singer.

Thando now wants to meet Lady Zamar, who looks just like her. She would be happy to be her friend and find out that, besides their looks, they have a lot in common.

Thando has become Lady Zamar’s biggest fan. She follows her on social media and posts pictures of her on her status, making it hard for people to tell them apart.

Thando used to be a brain science major, but because of lockdown rules, she had to move to Joburg, where she is now a social specialist. She can’t wait to meet Zamar, who she thinks will put an end to all her dreams.