PHOTOS: Meet Cyril Ramaphosa’s daughter whom he gave a Venda name

It’s possible that, in addition to being the president of South Africa, he’s also the busiest man on the planet. Nonetheless, Cyril Ramaphosa is a human being like any other person. Although he has a busy schedule serving the public interest, he always makes time to go home to his wife and children.





The year Ramaposa married his soul mate was 1996. Cyril is now a Motsepe thanks to his marriage. He married Tshepo Motsepe, the older sister of the famous millionaire Patrice Motsepe, and the two had three children together. They’ve been married for over two decades now, and it seems like they’re happier than ever.

The current President of South Africa has five kids. Three of his children are from his marriage to Tshepo Motsepe, while the other two are from his previous marriages. Cyril’s gorgeous daughter has his same features. Even better, he bestowed upon her the “Blessing”-meaning Venda name Mashudu.

By 2022, Mashudu, according to some accounts, will be in her early twenties. Multiple credible sources indicate that Mashudu is currently a student at the University of Cape Town. Mashudu looks just like her dad. Mashudu’s frequent participation in public forums attests to his status as a leader, alongside that of the top brass.

Given his privileges, it is undeniable that Mashudu takes after his father in every way. The professional world is just as concerned with how you look. Mashudu is a private person who doesn’t use social media or actively seeks media attention despite being the president’s daughter. Like your mother, she doesn’t want any attention drawn to herself, therefore she keeps her social media accounts private.

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