‘A gift from an angel,’ Moneoa opens up about her new Range Rover car

Moneoa tops trends after she opens up about her new Range Rover car. No doubt she has been trending of late. Moneoa recently showed off her new Range Rover and has taken it to social media to clear the air. Mzansi was more than convinced that she got the luxurious car from her allegedly abusive ex, Phiwa Maphanga.




Taking it to social media, she weighed into the matter to clarify the issue beforehand of her new whip. Moneoa revealed to Mzansi that her new Range Rover is a gift from an angel.

“I have a new car, but I didn’t buy it. You’d never believe me if I told you the story, but it’s a gift from an angel sent by God.”

Moneoa Moshesh. Image: Instagram/Moneoa

However, social media users were more than convinced that she could not afford the car; hence someone should have done the Italian job so that she could cruise in royalty. Moneoa revealed that the car in question was a gift since she could not afford to purchase a new Range Rover.

“I promise you I can’t afford a Range Rover. It’s a gift. It’s hard to understand because it’s pretty unbelievable, but it’s true.”

However, she was grateful for the blessings since she went on IG live and exposed her alleged married boyfriend.

Not so long ago Moneoa was wrongfully held in police custody after those IG stories. She went on to reveal that the police asked her to delete those videos but she refused.

In the mix of things, Moneoa went on to spill the beans that she has been depressed after her illustrious career took a knock. In her recent interviews, she opened up about how her being depressed affected her family as well.

“I was depressed these past three years, I haven’t been OK in a very long time like I was depressed. I don’t like to say it but I was suicidal and this has put my family through so much strain because there isn’t anything that they haven’t tried to help me and none of the attempts worked.

“It was horrible, it was horrible for me to go through that. It was horrible for my family to witness, for like a good year-and-a-half after we broke up. I was still holding on to the memory of what we were and everything we’ve built in the two years we were together because I was so fixated in the love that he expressed for me and I thought it was a love that could stand the test of time, whereas for him it was a phase and he got what he wanted,” she told the publication.

Reports have it that Phiwa is also taking legal action against her said in an affidavit. He has it that the allegations had a negative effect on him and his family as he has a newborn baby.

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