Durban Gen actor Dr Dhlomo ‘Nyaniso Dzedze’s blasphemous new tattoo gets Mzansi talking

South African actor Nyaniso Dzedze is the man of the moment as his storyline is starting a lot of conversations among South Africans on Gender-Based Violence. The actor plays the character of Dr Dhlomo, who likes to think of himself as a god and uses fists to punish his wife even for the silliest of mistakes. His arrogance and failure to be remorseful have made him an actor many would love to hate in his craft. Nyaniso Dzedze’s on-screen persona has spilt over into his real life as she shows off a blasphemous new tattoo to the world.
Nyaniso Dzedze as Dr Dhlomo in Durban Gen




The actor debuted his role on Durban Gen as a rich, famous and hot doctor called Dhlomo. He stole the hearts of many nurses at the hospital as they wanted to be the women in his life, except for Sne, who knew him from when he was an intern. However, being the arrogant character, he slowly wins her over with persistence and gifts, which Sne thought was romantic at the time.
Nombulelo Mhlongo and Nyaniso Dzedze
Nombulelo Mhlongo and Nyaniso Dzedze-Image Source(Instagram/DurbanGen)

The two got engaged and planned to marry quickly after Sne said she was pregnant. The doctor had no idea that the baby was not his, and Sne thought she had found the one who loved her no matter what. However, his dark side came out on their wedding day as he slapped Sne for not picking up his calls. After her mother’s advice, she turned a blind eye to the violence and married him nonetheless.
Nyaniso Dzedze unveils his new tattoo to the world

The actor has shared photos of his new tattoo on his chest with his fans on his Instagram. In his caption, he said, ‘ Here’s a photo dump of this new tattoo I got on my chest’. Many of his fans were commenting on his body, which he regularly works on in the gym.
Nyaniso Dzedze new tattoo
Nyaniso Dzedze’s new tattoo-Image Source(Instagram/NyanisoDzedze)

However, some fans started commenting on the tattoo, saying that the message on it was wrong and sinful in the Christian community. The tattoo is written ‘God looks like me’ which is the synonym of him calling himself a god. This attitude is in line with his arrogance on-screen with his character in Durban Gen, and Mzansi can not help but think he may be arrogant in real life.