Pearl Thusi throws in the towel

Pearl Thusi shared to her Twitter that those who are in the TV industry don’t get enough recognition as they should, she then tagged the minister of Art’s and Culture thinking that he will respond.





Unfortunately he didn’t respond and she posted another one. She said, ‘Clearly only if I die then minister will acknowledge me at this stage. Anyway- had to try…’

A lot of people rushed in to tell her that she must sell her expensive things and move out of her house, she must not expect handout.

Some said that she must learn to save money.

Some said she must apply for the 350 government fund and stop trying to be better than others. These were the comments in the comment section.A lot of people were not happy about her tweet, they all dragged her in the comment section.

She hasn’t responded to the comments yet, but still her fans and followers are on her tale about her mentioning the minister.