(Opinion) Skeemsaam| People react to tonight’s

The storyline also educates young men like Nimza smart and ambitious with goals to reach that they stand to lose a lot if they harass women at school, workplace or anywhere else. Sexual harassment is no joke. #SkeemSaam.

Nimza had a good thing going, but he had to mess it up by going after pretty #SkeemSaam. Magongwa how do you hate on a guy like manaka Mara? #SkeemSaam.

I love this storyline of Pretty and Nimza, very educational. I think most women can relate to this. #SkeemSaam. #SkeemSaam Nimza’s future is going to be ruined because he can’t control himself.

#SkeemSaam its important to respect everything u do as a person,nimza is about to get a deal to set him his invention,but his bad behavior will stand in the way jail time or bad publicity he is going down for being a pervet.

Nimza really loves Pretty, just he makes it about sex all the time. All Nimza wanted is to be loved and seen by Pretty. Pretty took it the matter far because she doesn’t see all of Nimza love . She will be hurting him all over again.