Nqobile is the mother of Themba’s children reveals that she supported Themba for 9 years

She wants Themba to help her out

Themba does not want to hear anything from him children’s mother mother. I mean the girl seems to be genuine and really cares for her kids but Themba is not even there for her. This former couple seems like they have been through a lot and it is hard for Nqobile to let it go just like that.


Nqobile has 2 kids with Themba and she has been taking care of Themba and their kids for 9 years, because Themba was down and out. Now that Themba has money and fame, he wants nothing to do with her. Themba is wrong in so many ways.

Personally, I blame Mpho for coming between them without waiting for Themba to fix things with Nqobile after coming out of the Big Brother Mzansi house. It looks like Themba just left her hanging not knowing where they stand.