” She is not a good human being”. Man goes on Twitter to expose Lady Du.

Lady Du (born Duduzile Ngwenya) is a South African musician who has been making Amapiano music for quite some time now. Lady Du isn’t new when it comes to making music, it is said that she has been making music ever since she was nine (9) years old. She is known for her unique beats, and she has been featured in some of the most popular Amapiano hits, such as “Woza” by Mr. Jazzi Q, and also a single called “Umlando” by Toss.


An upcoming Amapiano artist by the name of Dezynna, recently took to Twitter to expose Lady Du for dragging his name all over social media platforms. The artist posted a whole thread on Twitter voicing out some of the things Lady Du has allegedly done to him.

In the thread that he posted, he had this to say, “So done with your messiah, lol honestly she can go fly a kite, not after I’ve been supporting her from her worst and still managed to drag my name and close doors for me in this industry. She can go fly a kite. One day imma speak up. We move and wish her well in her endeavors.

Even though Dezynna was exposing some things about Lady Du, he still showed respect to her by saying her music is great and her career is inspirational, but he thinks that Lady Du is just not a good person.

Under the post, he went on and posted many other things that supported his claims.