Andile Mpisane Turned Into A Laughing Stock With Recent Photo After This Was Noticed.

A photo of Andile Mpisane surfaced on social media and left people talking on the comments section after they learned what was happening.

Shauwn Mkhize, a multi-millionaire, is the father of Andile Mpisane. He has therefore had a silver spoon in his mouth ever since the day of his birth. Due to the idea that some of the possessions and accomplishments he has wouldn’t have occurred if he weren’t Shauwn Mkhize’s son, this fact is still in dispute.




One of those issues has always been how Andile is able to serve as chairman and an important member of the family soccer team, Royal AM. It’s assumed that the “AM” stands for Andile’s given name and last name.

Many congratulated Shauwn when she originally revealed that she had bought her son’s entire soccer team, making Andile the PSL franchise’s youngest chairman in history.

Now that the team’s next game is scheduled for Saturday, February 4, 2023, Andile has come under fire for his physique.

In the days prior to the team’s first game of the year, Andlle posted a photo of himself practicing on the soccer field to Instagram. Fans criticized Andile for his caption in the comments section because they questioned the veracity of his “work hard” sentiments in light of his privilege.

However, with Royal AM scheduled to play Golden Arrows in a soccer match, unfavorable photos of Andile and his apparent fupa have sparked concerns about his preparedness for the game. This is because it is safe to presume that he will play in the starting lineup considering his position as the team’s chairman.

But is it his fitness, which would surprise me given that he is obviously overweight, or the fact that he and his mother run the team’s finances and operations? Tweeps appear to think that the latter is why Andile is still a member of the real playing team.