MuvhangoSABC2: KK uses snakes and he is now paying the price

Strange things are happening on MuvhangoKK involved himself on a firing line and no one will ever get him out . It looks as though he is using something in order to earn him power, being this fearful person and ordering everyone around him .

At the moment as we are facing a very  difficult times, many people uses snakes . I believe this is the part where Muvhango wants to teach us the viewers about the existence of snakes or anything that people uses in order to get rich . He has been the down so many times but he always comes back top and even stronger .

At the moment KK is eying for Marang all of a sudden. I think he doesn’t want marang and James to get married due to the fact that maybe he had made a sacrifice with Marang and should she get married to James then his things will now come to hurt him .

I think it perfectly makes sense as this whole strange things happening to him started when Marang and James started planning their wedding and even set a date . What iam learning here is that , when your man has lots of money , always make sure you question him before you get too deep .

This other time KK called this other lady whom I believe is a sex worker , when she gets to his place she was excited saying that can’t he get enough of her ?. KK then said he did not call her for himself but called her to please those people upstairs. Lady then went upstairs. I think it’s not the first time she does this . Question is , is it snakes or what ? Kgosi has also seen it and this is the cause of h getting stuck on lift . It was because he has allowed someone to see those things meanwhile they were not suppose to be seen .

I’m still in shock but we will see what will happen .let’s hope they don’t take time to reveal this  KK things .