Muvhango|Azwindini is forced to marry Nomasonto after threatening to kill Gugu

The drama never stops happening in Thathe and this time the chiefs are in danger of losing some of their wealth, to Nomasonto after telling him that she will kill Gugu if the chief does not want to marry her, because she has discovered that she will get a portion of money from him.



But this time Azwindini risk everything for Gugu so that she can see her alive and this time he has to pray that Kgosi and Vutshilo found Gugu in time, so that they can have a stroad case in court which has affected the royal house a lot, because innocent people have been accusing of something that they did not commit.

It has been a hectic week in the royal house because Azwindini will have to commit himself to something, that can hunt him back in the coming months because Nomasonto might take everything from them.