Musa Mseleku Accepting His Daughter The Way She Is Left Mzansi Impressed

People should stop discriminating against LGBTQI+ people. Lots of education is needed. I applaud Musa Mseleku for loving and supporting his daughter as she is in UthandoNesthembu show. Musa and Abongwe are lucky to have each other.





I’m shocked that Musa Mseleku is not homophobic toward his daughter Abongwe. Mseleku is trying to understand Abongwe and be supportive to her. This is the moment that we have been waiting for, him showering her daughter with love regardless of who she date. The fact that her daughter is he does not care.

Mseleku can be many things but when it comes to understanding his daughter’s lifestyle, he takes the trophy. He’s accepting her as she is, its so rare.

The conversation between Mseleku and Abongwe is priceless. I am glad her dad gets her, and she’s not afraid to open up to him and they have that kind of relationship. I wish more and more parents can accept their children’s

This acceptance from Mseleku is what a lot of people are longing for from their parents. It’s so beautiful to watch. We have recently seen In The River where by a mother is refusing to accept her daughter. The River is also teaching is about accepting

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