” This is what my mom got from her Stokvel. Next year I’m joining her”, Was it worth it?

Stokvel is a saving or investment scheme mainly found in townships, where a group of people will contribute a fixed amount of money every month. Stokvels are usually a form of investment where at the end of the year, members of the group get their money in a lump sum or buy food and other things that they then split among themselves. I’m certain that many of us who grew up in townships know how these work.

Speaking of Stokvel, there’s a young man who has been getting quite a lot of attention lately after he posted a couple of images where he was showing off what his mother got from the Stokvel that she had joined, in the caption of the post he wrote, “This is what my mom got from her Stokvel. Next year I’m joining her”.

In the images that he posted, people could see all kinds of food, from boxes of biscuits to piles of bags that are of rice and sugar. That isn’t the only thing that seems to have gotten, in the other picture the man showed us the boot of a car that was full of all kinds of meat products.

I’m sure you’re wondering what people had to say in the comments on this post, well, the post seemed to have got a lot of mixed reactions from people, as some people thought that the mother did amazing, but some just thought that she could have saved the money to buy herself something more valuable than food, or save up to start a business.