Rest In Peace: Two People Involved in Phala Farm Crime We’re Killed, See What Malema Said About It

People are willing to take other people’s lives and shed their blood in order to ensure that the Messiah will have absolute control. A narrative that has been making the rounds for the past few months concerns an incident of criminal activity that took place on a farm known as Phala Phala, which is owned by President Ramaphosa. There were allegedly millions of dollars worth of hard currency that was taken from there, according to the reports. After all of that, a case was opened against Ramaphosa for allegedly evading taxes by keeping such a large sum of money for himself. The charges are financial mismanagement.





In response to this, Ramaphosa stated that he would not confirm that the amount of money taken was in the millions; however, he did confirm that dollars were taken, but not millions. Despite all of this, investigations have been going on, and the people suspected of being involved have been detained. One of the suspects already spent all of the money; he has been enjoying a lavish lifestyle thanks to it. Investigations into other possible suspects have been ongoing. Yesterday, during the fight for economic freedom, Julius Malema addressed the nation at Winnie Mafoko Xla Mandela Square, where he also talked about Ramaphosa’s case. He also addressed the fight for economic freedom.

During his speech, Malema divulged the information that two individuals who had been implicated in the phala crime had been killed. He continued by saying that even members of the media are aware of their murders, but that they are unable to discuss them. He stated that he has a suspicion that a domestic worker by the name of Phala, who is about to be interviewed, may also be murdered as a means of concealing the evidence. This is due to the fact that Phala is about to be interviewed. In closing, he gave the people of South Africa the assurance that the only way we will be able to discover the truth is if we interrogate those individuals who were part in the criminal act.

In my view, it is imperative that all of the individuals who have been implicated in this investigation be placed under witness protection. Because Rama’s future as president hinges on the outcome of this case, he is prepared to do anything and everything in his power to avoid being found guilty; he will pursue every possible avenue of defense. The fact that the media did not report on their deaths is just further evidence that our nation has been taken over. Ramaphosa has broken the law by living with such a large amount of hard cash; the fact that he has not taken the money to the bank is evidence that the money is not clean; as a result, I can never be surprised if they say he was involved in the murder of those two people. Ramaphosa has broken the law by living with such a large amount of hard cash.