Milly Mashile thanks everyone for their prayers after her son has a successful surgery.

Being a parent is one of the hardest thing ever. First there’s no manual for being a parent, you just take it as you go not sure if you are doing it right. It gets even more harder when you have to see your child sick. We wish we could take the pain away from them but it is not possible.

When things are tough the only thing that can be done is prayer. Milly Mashile is an actress and television presenter. She’s the twin sister of actress Inno Sadiki. The twins are close which is not surprising.

Milly shared pictures of her son who was in hospital. The little man even went to surgery. The actress mentioned how much they prayed as family. She didn’t divulge what happened to him and we are just glad that the little man is safe. Prayers poured in for their family. It is true that prayer pays off.