Ivy takes a gift from Obed, but he actually bought it for Melita and not his wife

Obed Kgomo will do anything to make his mistress happy because he does not want her to leave him and date other men like Mr Langa. If Obed has to spend a fortune on Melita he will do it no matter what.

Melita only demands the materialistic things and not investing any money that these men spend on her. She knows that she always struggles financially, all this will end and she will left broke again.

Ivy did the right by taking that gift because Obed doesn’t spoil her like his wife. Obed will have to buy another gift for Melita if he doesn’t want her to leave him. Ivy is happy for a gift that does not belong to her, she will be shattered one day to learn that this gift was actually not meant for her.