Manaka Ranaka reveals she’s not feeling well. Is she having pregnancy complications?

Generations: the legacy Manaka Tanaka was reported earlier on that she’s expecting her third baby, and she will be expected to taket seems the actress is madly in love with her baby daddy who is a traditional healer. As we know that pregnancy affect women in different ways and is it expected for a pregnant woman to get sick now and then. However the first and last trimeter of the pregancythat is when it is likely for a pregnant woman to get sick because of the changes on the body.

That is why it is mostly recommended to get pregnant in your twenties and early thirties because, if you’re a bit older it is likely that you would have more pregnancy complications than the usual.Manaka recently posted on her Instagram account as she said that she is not feeling well and the only thing she could eat, is soft porridge that her dad made for her “Meal for the ill, motogo was ting prepared by my dad. This is about the only thing I can eat right now. Not feeling well at all,” she wrote.