Pearl Modiadie: Not All That Glitters Is Gold She is sharing her pregnancy journey

Pearl’s first few days as a new mommy have been going well, especially with her sisters and baby daddy by her side taking care of the baby and her.

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“I’m learning…some days have been better than others, but my goodness… having my baby in my arms is an indescribable feeling. I melt when I look at that little face,” tweeted TV and radio host Pearl Modiadie

Although she didn’t share her pregnancy journey while she was pregnant she is now sharing it all as a new mommy.

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On her pregnancy she says. “It all looks amazing, but l was emotionally depleted! Still am. Drained. Not all that glitters is gold.”

In March 2020 when news broke that she was pregnant she didn’t comment on it aside form this press release.

“We can confirm that Pearl Modiadie is pregnant and that she and her partner are thrilled to be first-time parents. Reports about how far along she is are inaccurate, and she prefers not to share this information. She’s appreciative of the well wishes already coming through but has decided to embrace this moment privately with her partner, family and very close friends for now,”