Man causes a stir after he was caught on camera stealing cake at a wedding

We all know that you can not go to a wedding and not find a wedding cake there, and that is because, in modern Western culture, the cake is usually on display and served to guests at the reception. Traditionally, wedding cakes were made to bring good luck to all guests and the couple. A lot of African Countries such as South Africa have long adopted some of the Western cultural practices such as having Western weddings and so many other Western cultural heritage, and that means even here in South Africa, almost every wedding has to have a ceremonial cake.



Speaking of having cake at a wedding, there is a video that has been getting some attention on social media lately, and the video seems to have caused quite a stir among South Africans. The video shows a man who looks to be at a wedding, and in the video the man could be seen poking at a cake and licking his finger, and when he noticed that no one was looking, he could be seen trying to take a piece from the cake with a fork.

The video seems to have made a lot of people laugh, as the comments were filled with people who just could not stop laughing at the video, some people were even defending him saying that maybe he could not hold himself.