I was Exploited, Criticised and Blacklisted, Now I Quit Acting

When veteran actress Vatiswa Ndara wrote a letter in 2019, to former Sport, Arts and Culture minister Nathi Mthethwa, little did she know that production bosses will blackmail and destroy her career. In the letter she asked Mthethwa to intervene on the alleged abuse and unfair treatment by production companies. Now she has been unemployed for three years, and she is not going back on set.




Ndara has won the hearts of many South Africans in some of the biggest shows like Generations, Muvhango, Home Affairs, and Igazi. She recently launched her book titled “Unfiltered: My Unglamorous Odyssey in the World of South African Entertainment”, and announced that she quits acting. She claims she has been sidelined by the industry, for speaking out against exploitation and unfair treatment of artists in the country.

In the book Ndara promises her fans that, she will expose the dirty laundry of the entertainment industry and all the scandals. She promised to leave no stone unturned, as she will tell about her controversial drama with Connie and Shona Ferguson, the owners of Ferguson Films. The actress says she felt offended, when Ferguson Films offered her R110,000 before tax for a five-week shooting.

Considering her experience in the industry Ndara felt that was an insult and oppression by the production company. When she tried to leave one of Ferguson’s productions, Igazi, she was blacklisted. Her iconic role on Igazi was Nomarussia. On her blacklisting Ndara said ” I was labelled as a “difficult” and “tantrum-throwing” by some producers, but denied holding up any production or causing any trouble”.

“Right now I don’t worry about money and income, all I want is to share my story with the world. I hope my book will inspire other artists to stand up for themselves and demand better working conditions and remuneration. I am aware and ready for the backlash and criticism that my book will bring, but I am not afraid to speak the truth.”