Skeem Saam: Melita Is Forced To Swallow Her Pride And Seek Accommodation From Jacobeth

Melita went to stay with her parents because she had nowhere to go after her house burnt down. She decided to come back to Turf to fix her life.


She went to ask Charlie to give her Airtime on credit but he refused. Melita told Charlie that she will pay him when she gets her money and he gave R5 airtime.

She thanked him and went to Jocabeth’s place. When she got there, she asked for a place to stay but she refused to allow her to stay with her.

She told Melita that she does not trust her because she almost made daughter to lose her job. Melita apologized to her and told her that she should give her a place to stay and she will pay R100 per day. Jacobeth refused and told her that she should leave her house and never come back. Melita was disappointed.