“Makhumalo Mseleku has no backbone”, Black Twitter said.

Previously, Musa was extremely furious with Makhumalo because she was wearing a legging that he saw it was a see through.

Mzansi disagree as they educate Musa on what see through looks like.

“I still want to know how Makhumalo’s leggings made Mseleku upset, these tight is not see through bathong”, tweep said.

Other tweeps made sure to introduce Musa on what hiking clothes should look like.


“first of all, the clothes that Makhumalo was wearing is appropriate for hiking. I mean… was he expecting her to wear sweatpants then she burns in them like, come on!”

Some people are truly convinced that Makhumalo lakes backbone and that is what Musa is comfortable to embarrass her in anyway possible since she can’t stand up to him like the other wives do.

” Makhumalo is a yess bass wife, she can’t even stand up with the other wives against Mseleku. She has no backbone and tries very hard to please her husband”.