“Katlego Maboe’s” Wife Monique Muller labeled selfish and heartless after these leaked” Picture”.

OPNION: I won’t acknowledge that Katlego Maboe merits all the analysis and resultant outcomes that has come upon him without taking a gander at the disagreeable conduct showed by her enstranged darling who utilized their little girl to take on her conflict.

Muller can be heard in the viral admission video taking steps to remove Katlego of his little girl’s life in the event that he doesn’t admit. That is shakedown which numerous men are exposed to in our nation by ‘moms’ battling to secure their own advantages.

In the event that things don’t go their direction, this kind of moms will cut you off from your kid’s life.

She felt free to utilize the video to pulverize his notoriety and all that he has worked for.

Why? – Just in light of the fact that he cheated ‘and gave her a STD’.

Via online media, where the story is as yet a consuming issue, one client stated “Children become orphan just when the dad doesn’t see the need to battle for and it’s simply not justified, despite any potential benefits to him. No lady has the option to keep you from your kid, on the off chance that she does, prosecute her and battle for your children.”

Unfortunately, we do have men who are too pleased to even think about admitting bad behavior and attempt to determine issues with their ladies and they wind up ‘being removed their kids’ life’.

Katlego was brave to bite the bullet and concede before a camera, well realizing that his accomplice was gathering proof.

To him, a danger to being isolated from his little girl implied he needed to unload everything. Much to his dismay that his resentful accomplice would later utilize that to decimate him.

It additionally leaves me with little uncertainty that moms of this sort will have the option to direct their girls on the most proficient method to deal with fights with their spouses.