It’s baby shower #3 for Minnie Dlamini-Jones – (Photos)

Toward the beginning of October, devotees of Minnie Dlamini-Jones checked out watch her sex uncover, and respect the excitement and glitz of her first infant shower… 

However, little did Minnie know, she was going to be blessed to receive another festival denoting the fast approaching appearance of her son. Minnie’s first child shower was assembled by her mother and companions.


“She actually went hard and fast and I can’t be more thankful for the clan of ladies that raised me and proceed to love and guide me through the entirety of my phases of womanhood. I am a Queen since I was raised by Queens and obviously a definitive QUEEN HERSELF” posted Minnie on the event. 

Her subsequent infant shower was sorted out by the ‘aunts’, and was additionally a blue and white breathtaking issue. The ‘drive by’ shower permitted loved ones to praise the little one and his mom while as yet rehearsing social-separating due to the Covid pandemic.

Also, only a couple days after the fact, infant shower number 3 occurred! She’s one fortunate mother to-be!

This time round, it was the turn of Mr Jones’ family to ruin Minnie. 

“I went through the day with all the ladies in my significant other’s family just as close family companions and had the most excellent time,” she posted on Instagram. “All the ladies met up and gave me love through their time, counsel, cooking and heating. Despite the fact that we are from various foundations and societies the family bonds are actually the equivalent.”