“I’m sorry I didn’t try hard enough” cried the Sangoma who predicted Shona Ferguson’s death

The death of film producer and actor Shona Ferguson who succumbed to Covid 19 on Friday the 30th July 2021 left a lot of people hurt as he was loved by many.



At first rumours were circulating that he had died to heart complication but the family cleared that and told the world that he had died due to Covid 19 related issues.

However more details surrounding his death have surfaced and it even hurt people more. A certain traditional man predicted the death of Shona Ferguson and even tried to reach out to the family specifically the wife of the deceased Mrs Connie Ferguson but there was no respond. On the 15th of May 2021 he wrote “@Connie Ferguson Your husband’s life is in danger. I’m not seeking attention if there was a better way of getting the message through it was gonna be easy to reach out to you privately. Believe it or not and the sun of god rha in the nomo body I come from the orion belt Sirius A.”‘

He even went on to say that he had seen Connie crying out her husband’s name and he even stated that he started crying and he did not know why he was crying. after explaining his visions he advised Connie to seek help from a traditional healer so that they can get clarification. he also instructed her to tighten security especially for her husband so that he could finish his career as he was the chosen one.

Sadly the message was never responded to and after the Sangoma heard of Shona’s passing he was so devastated and he wrote. “‘When i saw this it broke my heart because all I wanted was to prevent this on the 19th of May 2021. I’m sorry I didn’t try hard enough.”‘

It is sad that no one took him seriously people are now realising that the man was right all along after what he prophesised has come to pass.