Sad: Shona Ferguson died the very same day she met Connie 20 years ago, See here

According to the actress she and her late husband got married the same he died 20 years ago, She wrote that on 30 July 2002 about 20 Yeats ago she and Shona tied the knot and started their family together. It really sad that he had to die on thair anniversary day, for Connie this will forever be the very saddest moment for her life. How will she able to celebrate her anniversary day considering that it’s the same day that her husband died, words of comfort have been pouring in for the actress as people want her to be strong during this difficult time. Here are some of the comments below:



“Please accept our most sincere sympathies for the loss of your husband. May the prayers of all the people who love you bring solace to your soul. It is not length of life but depth of life.”

“So sorry for your loose my dear. I can’t imagine how u feel nd how u coping.. It’s a loose to the whole world, loosing such a Legend. He was your best friend.. May his soul rest in peace nd may u find comfort in the hands of the Lord. We re wth u in prayers.”

“May us Men follow on Sho’s footsteps on how to love a woman,he was a true example of a man who loves his family and that wouldn’t have been possible if he didn’t love God first. Condolences to the Ferguson family, Crew,Entertainment industry and to all that loved him.”

“When I heard this my question was how will Connie Ferguson survive this? This man was indeed your soulmate and we all lived up to your relationship, the love you shared have encouraged many! We could see right through your hearts and feeling for one another, the pure love that every couple desires to have in this lifetime! My heart is shattered but we pray for God to strengthen you and your family! Words can say enough but God knows best to comfort you! Rest easy Shona.”