“He does not want to give me his 1986 pipi and l am so hurt” Miss Sherly

Miss Sherly took social media by storm after posting that, her new man from the block does not want to give her some great benefit of pleasure.

A pleasure that people love and also considered important when you have found someone who will provide with it.

She is not happy at all because, she is really struggling to get a person into her life and now she thought she will be getting it enough, but the new guy is very much stingy to provide.

Her situation is not good and at the same time people are busy making jokes about it while they are busy discussing the matter on a public space.

Others are supporting that men whom is not revealed during the sensitive challenge or problem of Miss Sherly she brought to their attention.

Anyone is throwing in their opinion about the situation of how they are seeing it, it could be a bad or a good for him to be a stingy man not only from money.

This man kept behind close doors, he is showing to the world that, you can be both stingy for providing a pipi and money.

Even though she is not happy about not being given natural and cultural food, she kept on laughing along the conversation with all her participants.

While your enjoying this conversation about someone being a stingy person, you would find some is of their reactions mind blowing in support of this topic.

Mr Stingy man has successfully completed his mission, but for those who are on the topic said he is being selfish and considering that, he is a 1986 person whom does not want to share his old stuff with her.

She want to have an experience of how it feels when driving a old car but she is being sidelined and maybe it is not for her age or the car is for someone else.


What do think of this men being stingy?