He did well I was going to do the same! Men rejoice after their fellow demolished house built for ex

Love is best if you truly cooperate and truly love each other

If you get into relationship because of material things just know that it will end in tears and you will regret the day you have met with each other,Relationships that are based on money and material things often end very badly it’s a matter of life and death.

A trending story of of a couple who couldn’t control their anger issues and move on after a breakup has resulted to them to make harsh decisions.

Apparently the lady broke up with her long term boyfriend for some reasons which were not disclosed,with anger the ex boyfriend decided to destroy the double storey house he built for his ex- girlfriend.

Pictures of the house are surfacing all over social media people had their own views about this man behaviour while other condoning this man decision saying that he has taught the lady a lesson she will never forget.

The men still did not shut their mouths after seeing the act and agreed on one thing and said that they were going to do the same thing because they were tired of women coming and pretending to love them and just wanted to be improved.

This is a lesson for women that they must learn to be independent.