Former Uzalo actress finally breaks her silence about her disappearance on DiepCity.

She is one if the most talented people we ever got to know in Mzansi and even though she started off in the tourism industry, she always knew that acting was actually her thing and that is exactly what she wanted to focus on. Her name is Thandeka Dawn King and she is popularly known for her appearances on Uzalo, Lockdown as well as DiepCity.


This actress is currently known for her role on the new hit show known as DiepCity, a lot of people have been wondering why she just disappeared on the show. Recently she just revealed that the reason why she disappeared on the show is that she got injured on set as she twisted her knee. She captioned her latest post:

“I hope you are all doing well, these are trying times, but we soldier on and we shall overcome. Many have wondered why I have not been on screen. On the 16th of April 2021 while doing something that I love doing more than anything else in the world, a terrible accident happened. I will share the details in my next post. This is my journey to healing. Until you see me on screen again.”