Finally DJ Shimza gets himself a new girlfriend and she is hot as allegedly dating

DJ Shimza to CulpritEnter and now finally leading to Athi Geleba according to the post made on twitter. Neither one them as the alleged new couple has made a confirmation about their relationship.

They are both quite about it.

The new couple is spotted from a background coming from Dj Shimza’s picture because of the same picture as Athi Geleba’s background in one of her pictures.

What is giving attention is her caption which reads, “I’m not about “well done”, I’m about helping to make sure that you do it…”


Shimza post a picture at a sneaker shop and it is clear they are doing couple duties to buy shoes together and chosing together.

Shimza’s new lover is the Head of Digital Communications in the Presidency of the Republic of South Africa. She is holding a very big position and her communication skills may also be working well for their relationship.

From K Naomi and Shimza’s breakup Naomi posted in her Instgram story “Thanks for breaking me”. I made you my world and you didn’t get it. Now it’s an issue that I’m living my own life, without you.”

It did not stop their, and then recently after his car was stolen Naomi posted on twitter “God will humble you.”

What do you think of Dj Shimza’s new girlfriend?