Dr Qwabe is trending again | Look what he was spotted doing now

Dr Sandile Qwabe from New Castle in KwaZulu-Natal dresses differently from the societal standards of how medical doctors are supposed to present themselves and is a jolly man who has won the hearts of many South Africans with his funny Tik-Tok videos.


This made him trend on the social media but people were having some different views about his attire, some embracing him while others criticized him.

He recently took some time off on social media but now people spotted him in the wedding dancing and show that he’s too excited.

Comments :

” I’ve missed seeing Dr Qwabe in action.I’m glad after all the negative energy they tried on him, he looks happy. ”

” To have the energy of Dr Qwabe for all my life. This guy just screams, the beauty & gratitude of being alive.”