House of Zwide actors Winnie Ntshaba and Vusi Kunene on a shortleft trip.

Our colleagues are literally our lives. This is because we spend most of our time at work and we are surrounded by them since we work with them. A healthy working environment means getting along with them. It is a peaceful life knowing you get along with the people you work with.





Life doesn’t end at work and what happens at work stays there. Winnie Ntshaba is an actress and businesswoman. She has been in the industry for decades now. She is the founder of Royalty soapie awards, which have made a huge difference in the industry. She’s now currently starring on House of Zwide.

She stays alongside Vusi Kunene who plays her own screen husband. Winnie shared pictures of them together out on a shortleft. This is the kind of content we want, showing that people can work together and get along just fine. Their fans couldn’t stop complementing them.