Melita Left Mzansi Talking After She Dumped Mr Kgomo In #SkeemSaam

Mr Kgomo finds himself trending again on Twitter after giving Mzansi his best performance. Mzansi has been giving him hands of applause. Mr Kgomo has been breathing through the wounds since the arrival of Mr Langa. Mr Langa has been giving Mr Kgomo a hard time over the past two days.





In #SkeemSaam, Melita has become the great, the first woman to give Mr Kgomo chest pains, the first woman who made Mr Kgomo beg and the greatest baddie of all time. Mr Kgomo has been known as a tight and stiff husband and also a hard boss. In the latest episode, Melita has made him beg after she dumped him. It’s no linger a secret that Mr Kgomo catches the feeling for Melita.

The pain part is that Mr Kgomo cannot even talk about the stress that Melita is giving him. DO remember Mr Kgomo telling Meikie that his not like her weak husband and also telling Melita that he is not John Maputla? Mr Kgomo is trying to compete with Mr Langa. Mr Kgomo will soon be broke or end up taking a loan because of Melita. Mr Kgomo will end up stealing money from the Hospital to please “The Side”.

Mr Kgomo doesn’t mind losing his family for Melita. Viewers of SkeemSaam want Melita and Langa to date even if it doesn’t last but just to spite Mr Kgomo. Mr Kgomo must be struggling to sleep at night because of Melita. Maybe he has also lost appetite for food.

I like how #SkeemSaam can portray every actor’s talent by taking lead parts such as Mr Kgomo, Melita and others. Pure talent, pure production, pure script and pure educational results. Koloi, Clement and everyone has been a lead actor, which shows the Production isn’t jealous to portray talents to the mainstream entertainment. Royalty Awards must be fair, SkeemSaam is keeping SABC relevant.

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