Dj Zinhle ‘s brother’ s traditional wedding pictures

Dj Zinhle’s tight relationship with her three siblings has been documented on her BET reality show, which premiered last year. A businessman and artist manager, Zenzele Jiyane is the youngest of the three. Like any good brother would, Zenzele regularly attends his sister’s concerts to show his support. This reality show’s first season revealed that Zenzele is a family man with a partner and two kids. Season 2 is back this year, as Zenzele proposed to his fiancée at the party he threw for his son’s birthday.




Both sets of parents were overjoyed, and Zenzele’s other siblings, Zinhle and the rest of her brood, have been assisting her with the wedding preparations. In one episode, we even see the family buying wedding blankets in preparation for a traditional ceremony. Once upon a week ago, Zenzele and his stunning new bride posted images of themselves to Instagram in their traditional wedding clothes.