Mzansi Hip-hop star Emtee continues to struggle, fans advises him to find a manager instead

Many talented people have lost their careers due to jealousy and the use of drugs when money starts coming in.

Today on social media many people were concerned about Emtee the hustler whose career is now finished due to how reckless he became the minute he started making money. Tweeps commented that he should find himself a manager in order for him to start earning money from music, either than that the struggle will continue they said. Which is true because the minute you start selling sell as an artist is a sign that things are not coming together.


Same applies to Emtee his career was making him money a lot of it, unfortunately life changed and he started losing everything he got because of alcohol and drugs. If only he had best friends and managers to support his career he would have been very far by now. That is why it is important to watch who you surround yourself with, failing to do so you will fail.