Kwaito and Amapiano musicians are dragged for their recent joined music collaboration

Chris Excel responded to the album of Kabza De Small and Kwetsa, which is something different. A mixture of Amapiano and Kwaito Some fans have mentioned what songs they like from the project, but it was not good for the entire thing when it came to Chris Ezell. The person who is known for making controversial comments has been making a lot of people unsettled, and it involves what they have done in their lives.



Many people wanted Chris Evans banned, but it has not come to pass, and now he has reached one million followers on Twitter. Dineo Ranaka has made a promise that he will deal with Chris Excel for the comments made about her and to unmusk Chris Excel. But then, with her confident response, Chris said she was not the first person to try, and all have failed.

But when it comes to someone like Kabza De Small and Kwetsa, they are not involved in participating in social media trolls, which is something good for them. It is not that easy to defend yourself on social media against a lot of people when you are not seeing them and can’t stop them. Solphenduka have made it simple to avoid getting yourself hurt, which is not reading the comments about yourself.

Kabza De Small and Kwetsa have been good, and they have explored something unique, which is what musicians do all the time. When a musician decides to take a different direction with the music, it becomes difficult for the fans to follow because you have already sold something to them. You would be expected to go with it, but there are no limitations when it comes to music.

DJ Maphorisa has been making different music genres and is successful at them. From house music to Hop Pop, Amapiano, and many more DJ Oskido does the genre he wants to do, and it does not matter what it is. For as long as the music is good, he goes with it. He released a house song with Nkosazana’s daughter, which fans were not expecting to be a music video.