Somizi praises Caspar Njovest’s success at packed Mmabat stadium

Following the success of Fill Up Mmabatho 2022, Somizi Mhlongo pays tribute to his Cassper Nyovest.


The radio station, who was once one of his concert hosts, sent Mufasa’s Flora through Instagram.

Somu praised the collaborative spirit and originality of the event, calling Casper’s move “divine”.

In the video clip, he began by saying: Smell her Casper.

“Casper, through my own eyes, performed the most spectacular aspect I could ever think of. What Casper did that night was amazing in every way. This young man is talented, endowed, chosen and resourceful. And performance used to be excellent. The performance was great and the sound was the best it’s ever been. But you might want to smell and feel the diploma of togetherness that once existed. If only we could encourage everyone to help each other, as Casper did in the evening.”

Celebrities were quick to respond to the artist’s guide’s message. Nyovest responded to Som’s tribute by stating: Thank you for your continued patronage. God bless.

Check out the concert videos and snaps below.