Could Shawn Mkhize be hinting us about a new season of Kwa Mamkhize

The business woman and divorcee Shawn Mkhize, shows us just how it is done. Her transition after her marriage is evident and everything better than before. She showcased her more like house and her vibrant welcoming character on the first episode of Kwa Mamkhize, and that’s where she started winning fans.

She has become a mother to many, as she keeps us updated and doesn’t mind extending her hand of giving and advices.

Mrs. Mkhize even gave away her Sundays to lingeries and feel good confidence quotes, were she speaks to every woman of any shape, color and form. Ever since her reality show stopped airing, the screens have been empty and left with nothing to watch.

She recently hinted that Kwa Mamkhize, will be coming back on the television screens again an her fans are happy and showing signs of interest. However, she did say that she will be keeping her lips tightened and refused to confirm anything.