Here Is Few Reasons Why “The Ranakas” Is Trending Again, People Are Talking About It

The Ranakas trend almost everytime on Thursday, it is trending on the number one spot in Twitter. People are talking about it because they love it. One of the reasons why it is trending is the relationship between Mpumi and her daughter, they share a special bond. A daughter and mother bond is strong, they proved that tonight.@Avashnah tweeted “#TheRanakas this mother daughter relationship is absolutely beautiful #TheRanakas”Dineo inspired a lot of people from tonight’s episode of The Ranakas, she gives the best advices sometimes. @Ray_dience tweeted “Take everything that has hurt you, channel it into something that will upgrade you – Dineo Ranaka”People love Ranaka, they love how freely he is. He is all about having fun and sometimes he loves annoying his loved ones. @mamiza tweeted “Ranaka is annoying sibling!”