Cause Of Death Of Nyobeni Tavern Victims Has Been Identified

When news of the underage children who died at Nyobeni Tavern during a night of dancing and drinking, there were allegations that they were sprayed with a toxic chemical substance. There were claims that the owner of the tavern sprayed teargas or pepper spray to disperse the crowd, which during an interview, he denied.

According to the owner, he was not at the tavern when the tragic incident occurred, but said that someone else might have been behind the deed. Authorities ruled out a stampede as the cause of death because even though there was a large crowd inside the venue, the victims showed no signs of injuries.

Three of the survivors alleged that they saw a woman spray something straight at the crowd, suspecting that the crime was a well-planned murder because after the crowd inhaled a substance, they started coughing and struggled to breathe, but instead of being taken outside to breathe, the bouncer locked the door. To save their lives, they jumped from the balcony.


They further claimed that one of the bouncers took out the bodies of those that were already dead and dumped them outside. Authorities continued to investigate what exactly happened at the venue, and according to several reports, they have found the cause of death.

According to eNCA, chemical poisoning has been identified as the cause of death, but authorities are still investigating which chemical killed the children. It has been reported that the toxic chemical that killed them was inhaled.

This has not only angered the masses who are demanding to know why a chemical was used to control the crowd, especially underaged children whose lungs are still developing.

Others, however, are wondering if the poisonous chemical was not inhaled through hubbly bubbly, because their crowd was not only consuming alcohol but were smoking hubbly bubbly as well.