He is Rich. A look at Sandile Zungu’s expensive lifeMansions and private jets

He is filthy rich: A look at Sandile Zungu’s expensive life, cars, mansions and private jets




Sandile Zungu is one of the most prominent businessmen in Mzansi. He recently made headlines after tying the knot in a colourful wedding that turned into a fashion show. The wedding was classic and was attended by household business people like Patrice Motsepe. In the wake of his expensive wedding, questions have been asked about his riches and sources of income. He might not be a flashy personality like other business moguls, but he lives a lavish lifestyle. Here is a look at Sandile Zungu’s American dream life, cars and mansions.

Sandile Zungu’s academic qualifications
Sandile has done everything from being a businessman, ANC activist, entrepreneur, socialite and an academic genius. He is the epitome of hard work with many arms like the tentacles of an octopus. He did his matric at Vukuzakhe high school and passed with good grades; therefore, he proceeded to tertiary education. Sandile holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters’s in Business Administration. Besides his two degrees, the business tycoon has several other educational certificates related to business management.

Sandile Zungu’s business investments and other streams of income
Although he has from rags to riches story, he defied all the odds and became successful and famous. Sandile owns several businesses in the country; he happens to be the brains behind the Zungu Investments Company, which he founded in 2002 and is fast becoming one of the most prominent companies in the country.

He is also the owner of the famous Zunguness wedding and conference centre. The Zunguness is an exquisite contemporary wedding and conference venue in the idyllic Midlands, which offers an all-inclusive experience of beauty. No wonder why his wedding was breathtaking Sandile knows how to organise a wedding perfectly.

Sandile is a man who wears many hats and stops at nothing to secure the bag. He was on top trends in 2020 after buying AmaZulu, a football club, from Dr Patric Sokhela.

Besides the above-listed businesses, Sndile Zungu has a hand in Sereti Resources Holdings Proprietary Limited, Gold One International Limited, Coza Mining and Rockwell Diamonds Inc. He is indeed a legend when it comes to business. As of 2022, Sandile Zungu has a net worth of R1 billion.

R35 million mansion in Kingfisher Crescent Albert Town
Sandile Zungu
Sandile Zungu: Image source @Instagram
In 2019 Sandile Zungu shared on his Instagram that he had built a mega-mansion at number 8 Kingfisher Crescent Albert Town. His house’s outer walls are non-structural (glass), utilised only to keep the weather out and the occupants in. One can tell from its view that Zungu spent a fortune in building it. Besides his mega-mansion, he owns several mansions worldwide.

Million-dollar garage/cars
Sandile Zungu’s garage is well decorated with the most delicate cars. In his garage are Mercedes Benz CLA, Bentley Continental GT, BMW 760 Li and other latest vehicles, which he has not disclosed to the media. He is an extraordinary personality who doesn’t flaunt his riches on social media. He loves living his private life off cameras.

Private jets
Rumours made rounds on social media in 2020 that Sandile Zungu had purchased a private jet, but he didn’t confirm the rumours. Although he has been spotted on several occasions riding a private plane, it’s not clear if he owns one or not?