RIP: A 15 Years Old Sangoma Killed Herself After They Did This To her At School

A South African student of 15 years old from Ndwendwe in the iLembe District of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa has tragically hanged herself after ancestral spirits that made her become a sangoma forced her out of school, causing her to miss classes and exams. The sangoma was forced out of school after ancestral spirits that made her become a sangoma forced her out of school.




Due to a misunderstanding that arose regarding Mbalenhle Ngobese’s choice of uniform following her ancestral initiation in February of 2022, the principal of the school decided to expel her from the institution.

On top of her uniform, her ancestors insisted that she wear a traditional clothing called an ibhayi even though she didn’t want to. In addition to that, she was wrapping traditional bandles over her arms. However, as this was in violation of the school’s standards, the unidentified headmaster had no choice but to expel her and prevent her from taking any exams unless she transformed her traditional clothing into a formal uniform.

The topic gained widespread attention earlier in June as users of social media expressed conflicting opinions over the matter, with some supporting the school policies that prohibited students from wearing traditional garb while on school grounds. On the other hand, the vast majority of people on Twitter have expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that the school youngster was bullied and that South African school policies neglect ancestral callings.