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The best traditional dresses 2021

I hope you are inspired by the attires. I hope you will be able to pick your design from those provided above. We have also included attires for the groom

A wedding day is one of the most important day in a person’s life. You only get married once. Planning a wedding is a huge responsibility for the bride and the groom. That is why some people hire out a wedding planner to assist. You have to make sure that you got the best cake,deco and the wedding attires.

It is the responsibility of the groom and the bride to choose whether they are having a traditional wedding or white wedding. However traditional weddings are considered to be the best weddings. This is because they are cheap and meaningful.

We can not talk about traditional wedding and not talk about the bride’s attire. People focus more on the bride’s attire.

Today we have complied the best beautiful traditional wedding attires for brides.

Emtee’s beef with BlaQ Diamond

The rapper was once the record label that is well known here in South africa.He dropped a hit track while in the ambitious records.Emtee left the record label in the year 2019.
Once the BlaQ Diamond joined the same record in the year 2018 they took some of Emtee’s stuff that he left there.Their fight is that why the record company gave Emtee’s stuff.

Their beef is all over on social media right now.This beef has been making artists like A-reece,flame and malume victor switch sides when coming to making music together.

Emtee once tweeted that “they will rob you and left you with nothing that is useful.Ambitious records tried to solve this matter between them but they carried on fighting in the media.

They used to be friends and they used to collaborate together.But now that is no longer and what they had is now ruined.One fan posted in Facebook saying”we support you emtee all the way” looks fans are with emtee on this one?

Meet Rhythm city Zinhle Ngobese’s Age, life style.

Kealeboga masango is a Rhythm city actress better known as her stage name Zinhle Ngobese.

Kealeboga Masango is one of the South African young acresses who is a 2k and has been in the industry for almost years now, she plays a role of Zinhle Ngobese on Rhythm city.

Kealeboga Masango is a 18 years old teenager this year 2021, as she was born in year of 2003 and her exact date and month of birth has not been revealed on her bio for her known reasons, she also do not have children.

Kealeboga Masango was born at Kwa Zulu Natal Durban, Umlazi and she also hails from uMlazi.Kealeboga Masango is currently not in a relationship at the moment and is not looking at a moment as she is still focusing on her acting career, and do not want any love life stories to distract her path.

Kealeboga Masango is better known as Zinhle Ngobese on Rhythm City, her role and character is coming from a rich family her father is Khulekani Ngobese who owns Security association.

who is also a gangster who has sold drugs on streets, which those drugs were sold on the school Zinhle went to and she got them, got addicted to and even tried commiting suicide for but at the end got help, as she is now fresh and attending therapy.

Shauwn Mkhize’s luxurious Birthday celebration in Cape Town

Just last week, businesswoman and reality TV star Shauwn Mkhize flaunted her multi-million birthday gift of a Rolls Royce Cullinan Black badge that costs a whopping R16 million on social media, this week again she gave her followers another sneak peek inside her fabulous life.Mamkhize had a birthday celebration in Cape Town, she shared that this lavish birthday celebration was a surprise organized by her son Andile Mpisane and the family. Sharing pictures of her beautiful day, MaMkhize thanked Andile for the great surprise and also thanked those who attended.

She wrote: “My Surprise Birthday, I have passed the hardest moments alone while everyone believed I was fine today I would like to thank my Prince @andilempisane10 for making this day so special for me, he has seen it all with me and knows exactly how to make me happy, thank you, My Prince I was not expecting this you never stop to amaze me, mommy loves you.

Judging from the snaps and videos that she has been sharing on her Instagram, Mamkhize definitely had the best birthday month.

She previously shared a video showing her walking on the beach shore, on the caption she said she is celebrating all the hard work that has taken her where she is today. She said regardless of everything she has been through, she remains unshaken.

“Good morning everyone. on this special day, I celebrate the efforts and hard work that it took to get me this far. I could not think of a more perfect place than the sea to come and reflect on my life.” She said. “God has blessed me with another year to live, laugh, and love, for which I’m entirely grateful for. Just like the horizon of the sea never-ending, I pray that the year ahead is never-ending with possibilities for growth, prosperity, and success. But this time around, I’ll be celebrating me. All my life, I’ve celebrated people. I loved people, they’ve loved themselves and nobody loved me. So this time around, I loved myself. I choose me.

“As I reflect on how far I’ve come; I can’t help but think of my late mother. My beloved Florence Mkhize. I hope you can hear me Ma, I pray that I’m everything and more that you’ve ever envisioned for me to be and that I’ll always be worth being called your daughter. Having experienced my fair share of pain and hardship – my spirit remains unshaken. I stand tall and remain the queen of my castle. To my family and friends that have always been there for me through thick n thin. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May you never second doubt the special place you have in my heart. I appreciate and love you. Including you; my Instagram family that I’ve just met for the year,” wrote MaMkhize.”

If you feel good, you’re going to look good says Mohale Motaung left fans speechless.

Mohale Motaung Mhlongo is popularly referred to as actor, student, entrepreneur and model. He is wise and bold guy and he is likewise good-looking and stylish. He is hardworking and committed to his profession and he is likewise very supportive and being concerned individual. He changed into raised via way of means of each his mother and father and he had a pretty everyday childhood.

His modelling profession has visible him seamlessly turning into an influencer for sure brands. He is presently the face of Finery Gin,a South African grapefruit infused gin crafted through Jeannie D. He is multi-gifted guy and he is likewise very calm and confident.

He is a own circle of relatives guy and he is aware of the way to juggle his profession and his own circle of relatives. He is usually handson and he’s type and beneficiant individual and inspiring. He has a feel of humor. On his latest publish on social media account he captured You understand the saying: “If you sense good, you’re going to appearance good”? Please comment, like, click on and share

Gospel Artist Thobekile Wants To Help upcoming Musicians

Gospel artist Thobekile Mkhwanazi says she is willing to give upcoming artists a chance but she’s not rushing to sign them under her company.

Thobekile has her own record company called Imvana Productions which is a company that she is still growing and she would be signing artists under it as time goes by.

‘There’s one child that I am currently helping, her name is Nontobeko Nhlabathi Zimba, I want her to be famous. She’s not signed under my label, I’m just helping her. The perfect time for me to sign up artists would come and would happen according to God’s plan.’ stated Thobekile

She mentioned that Nontobeko is the only artist who was featured on her DVD that was shot in Newcastle titled The Journey Of Thobekile Isidudla. In December she released a CD that had some of the songs that are included in her DVD.

‘The lockdown has distracted the release of my DVD as we were facing difficulties when trying to go to studio to fix some problems. I think July is too far, it will be released before July.’ stated Thobekile

She mentioned that she was happy with the way people accepted her album and she hope that they would do the same to her DVD.

Most of my fans are old styled people, though there are some of them who buys music on digital stores but many of them prefers CDs And DVDs. There are no music shops, only Dakota but we are able to carry our Copies at Church and sell to the members and even provide numbers for placing orders.

Candice Leaves Mzansi Stunned She is making big waves

Post main image
The former Generations: The Legacy actress revealed that she is the cover girl for Reality Club Magazine, Autumn issue.

She wrote: “Cela nithi HOORAY!! Another one…A toast to being intentional. Relentless in your pursuits. Submitting to the fullness of your potential. To God’s promises. To manifesting miracles and life-altering shifts. A toast to the girl that never stopped dreaming. To the power of OUR hustle. A toast to us.”

She added that there is more in store for her: “Candice Modiselle, the architect of her narrative. A spotlight moment for the social entrepreneur, the businesswoman, and budding media mogul. I’m honored beyond words. Side note: This cover comes a month before my birthday when I intend on launching 2 major projects I’ve been working on. Hold on tight, we’re about to take it to the top.

“I pray that God blesses me so that I continue to be a blessing to others. My wins are ours. Thank you @sanlam_group for betting on me and seeing the vision, even before it was crystal clear to me. To the creative team (who I promise to credit individually once I have everyone’s handles) I cannot thank you all enough for being a joy to work with.”

Candice also thanked her friends, family, and those who have supported her journey from the beginning.

“Haibo guys, why are all these comments making me cry? Thank you so much!! From close friends, high school mates, people that have followed my journey from my earliest varsity and YOTV days, colleagues, and fellow creatives, THANK YOU!!! The love is palpable,” she wrote.

Her fans and fellow celebrities took over the comment section congratulating her.
Mpoomy Ledwaba wrote: “congrats gorgeous!!!! Your work ethic is unmatched, your passion for what you do is evident. To the top, you go.”
This is the second magazine cover for Candice. Last December she graced the cover of Balanced Life Magazine.

On Tuesday this week, she announced that she has scored herself a new gig on Mzansi magic’s telenovela The Queen.“New character alert. Today is official #TheQueenMzansi Day when the world gets to meet the feisty, independent young black Queen, Mbali Tau. To say it’s a pleasure being back on Mzansi’s screens would be an understatement, more so on a show that’s widely loved and celebrated,” she wrote.


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Hard work indeed pays off. A big congratulations to SABC’s Lithapo actress Lorraine Moropa who is officially a homeowner.

Post main imageShe posted a picture of her brand new home with a caption: “I’ve been building a home since last year and now I’m officially a Mastandi! To God be ALL THE GLORY!!! You did say that you are not a man that You should lie! Your promises are YES & AMEN and that the plans You have for us are not to harm us but to make us prosper! I’m eternally grateful.”

Congratulating her on her big achievement, actress Lerato Mvelase wrote: “We are waiting for an invite. Congratulations nana.”

Cindy Thando: “Congratulations beautiful.”Lorraine is popular for her character on SABC 2 telenovela Lithapo. She played Nolo on the show. Lorraine also bravely spoke about being sexually harassed on the set of Lithapo.On her lengthy Instagram statement, she wrote: “Imagine working with someone who undresses you from how he looks at you. Someone that grabs their genitals on a set while looking at you’re (sic) a**s or grabs you’re a**s and laughs it off in front of a crew (yes my cases have always been in the presence of my colleagues) that to me is worse than a slap in the face. This is a father, who also happens to speak highly of their daughter, who by the way, is practically my age and also in the industry.

“I wonder if he would appreciate his daughter coming home with half the stories I have to go home and tell my mother due to his actions. Who fights for our battles as women in the industry? What happens to our image? What happens to our dignity as people in the industry allow such behavior? I for one am sick and tired. It ends here and now for me.”

Another celebrity who recently bought a house is Natasha Thahane. Taking to her social media to announce the good news, she posted pictures of herself holding a huge key outside her beautiful house.

“I’m officially a Home Owner. God is Faithful. Despite the evolving and unstable seasons that life brings, we are called to trust Him. He is a consistent provider & comforter. Thank You All for always supporting me,” she wrote.


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Ayanda Becomes The Villain They are labelling her a tribalist and shady!

Post main imageEvery week Tweeps seem to target a new housewife labelling her a diva, rude, self-centered or just an all-round mean girl. This week is Ayanda Ncwane’s turn and people are not going easy on her. The Real Housewives Of Durban have taken over our timelines and viewers agree that Ayanda is the new villain, thanks to her “tribalism” and the low-key mean girl persona many have seen grow on her.This week, the ladies took a short trip to Cape Town where Nonku Williams was the esteemed host. During the trip, Nonku was having a mental break down and Annie comforted her. When they made their way back to the dinner table, Ayanda threw shade at her hosting skills saying she really is not the best because she is not hands on. Many saw the way Kgomotso tried to initiate a fight but Nonku brushed every thing off saying she was not part of the conversation so she must not be involved.

Another issue of tribalism arouse when tweeps noticed the way Ayanda did not consider Kgomotso as an African, saying she is Setswana instead. A tweep defended Ayanda and said it is a norm, “I understand why some people are upset and offended but please understand that “umuntu’ can be reference for ‘umZulu’. Ayanda was trying to highlight that she’s not Zulu but she’s Tswana. We phrase it like that in our culture. Not tribalism. #RHODurban.”

Here are other comments and they are not nice: #RHODurban this will not be tolerated in the Republic. This is pure blatant tribalism and unacceptable!The fact that Ayanda said Kgomotso is not a person because she’s not Zulu is unacceptable and we demand accountability from your show and Ayanda must apologize for the remarks.”

“Nonku was literally having a mental breakdown and all Ayanda and Laconco cared about, is foods and drinks…… The same people who’d tweet “Check on your friends depression is real” Thinking faceFace with rolling eyes I’m so disappointed. Few things that we take for granted.”

“Kgomotso say things straight to your face, with her what you see is what you get. Ayanda pretends to be nice around them, but shes mean, she knew the public loved her. Mrs Google me is just arrogant nje. Nonku is harmless. Annie, Kgomotso and Sori are just having fun #RHODurban.”

Meet Teko Modise and his beautiful wife Lerato

Teko Tsholofelo Modise (born 22 December 1982), is a retired South African professional footballer who played as a midfielder and he is currently a staff member at Cape Town City Football Club. He was born on the 22nd of December in 1982 in Meadowlands, Gauteng.Teko was married to Fezile and their marriage lasted for three years 2010 to 2013.He is currently married to Lerato and the couple is always serving us with some relationship goals.

Teko’s football career started in the lower leagues of South African football with Ria Stars and City star.He won the Mvela Golden League award as the player of the season.The help him to acquire the top fight in SuperSport United in 2006.He later left to join Orlando pirates for six years,where he also won the PSL footballer of the year.He even got the nickname “General ” because of his outstanding performance in football.

After her fallout with the management of Orlando Pirates he joined Mamelodi Sundowns where he also spent six years and won few titles.He refused to renew his contract with Mamelodi Sundowns and went to sign with Cape Town City, he remained with them until he retired in 2019.He is currently working at SuperSport as a commentator.

During his time as a soccer star he represented the country at the 2098 Africa Cup of nations,2010 FIFA World Cup and the 2009 Fifa Confederations Cup.