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Ayanda Ncwane left fans speechless with her recent pictures looking absolutely gorgeous

Ayanda Ncwane (born 12 August) is a South African actress, singer, businesswoman, and philanthropist. She is the president of Africa Gospel Awards and CEO of Ncwane Communications.

She is a beautiful woman who has achieved great things in her life but aswell has been through alot of things in her life. Ayanda Ncwane has always been loved by many people in Mzansi because she proved to Mzansi that absolutely nothing can stop her from being the humble woman she is today .

She has inspired so many people in Mzansi that through working hard anything is possible and even though life may tear you apart never cease to believe in God . The reason why I’m writing about this woman is she poisoned me to believe in life .

She is also available on social media platforms such as Instagram and on her recent post she shared with fans an amazing picture of her looking absolutely gorgeous which left many speechless in Mzansi .

Even though she’s been through alot in life she managed to succeed . We can all learn something from her.

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“Take Care Of Your Bills” Black Coffee Refuse To Pay Electricity Bills For His Ex-wife

Black Coffee said: “From March I have been sending you electricity statements which you are aware of. Yesterday they cut the lights and you’re here once again creating another narrative that it was because of me. Take care of your bills.”

“It brought me so much pain to watch your videos making fun of this situation with the kids,they honestly don’t deserve this.I have now settled the electricity bill this time just for the sake of the kids. Moving forward pay your electricity bill,the kids shouldn’t go through this. Just like the assault case,there’s no NDA, there’s never been any,” he said.

He further said: “I’ve been taking care of all the household expenses. I take care of all the kids and their school needs.On top of the all this from November I’ve been paying 65K towards you and the kids. After our separation I got you a fully paid car in your name.”

It seems like Black Coffee has had enough of Mbali’s demands and he wants her to start taking responsibility.

Enhle Mbali Left in the Dark as her Electricity is Cut Off

In a dramatic turn of events in Enhle’s life, the actress finds herself in the Dark as her Electricity has been cut off. Enhle Mbali applied for protection order against her estranged husband, but the application was turned down.

Now the electricity in her home has been cut off leaving her in the dark and people are already suspecting Black Coffee for the incident. Enhle took to social media to share the bad news.

She also posted images of herself the dark. Among the images was a photo of a man she claimed to have seen outside the house earlier. People on Twitter reacted, suspecting Black Coffee to be behind the power cut.

According to her, the man was there to cut the electricity, and she vowed that she will expose the devil.

“We gonna shame the devil and enjoy the darkness. Me and my boys,” tweeted Enhle Mbali.

As last night progresses she kept her fans updated about the situation, at some point she said she was reading scripts under candle light.

One of her fans took screenshots of her posts and shared them on Twitter captioning them:

“Divorce is hectic. Did ex hubby send people to cut off power in her house? Yah neh, there’s a thin line between love and hate. Shoooook.”

Do you, like many on social media, think that Black Coffee has a hand in this. If so let us know on

Black Coffee Reveals Why Mbali Struggles To Pay Her Bills

Black Coffee is one of the most calmest celebrities who does not engage much on negative subjects on all his social media platforms, but his name was dragged through the mud yesterday by his ex-wife, Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa.

Mbali insinuated that Coffee was the reason the electricity supply was cut, but Coffee has denied the claims and revealed what seems to be the reason why the electricity supply was cut.

According to Black Coffee, Mbali has not been paying the electricity bill, despite Coffee forwarding the statements to her for the past three months.

“From March, I have been sending you electricity statements which you are aware of. Yesterday they cut the lights and you’re here once again creating another narrative that it was because of me. Take care of your bills,” Black Coffee tweets.He further said that he has been taking care of all the household expenses since their break up, and that he is paying R65 000.00 towards Mbali and their kids since November. Moreover, he says that Mbali is only struggling to make ends meet because of her lifestyle.

“Stop lying. The lies are too much. I can’t be quiet anymore. The children you publicly claim to be protecting are suffering because of your lifestyle,”Coffee said further.If Black Coffee’s claims are anything to go by, many families, especially black families that have responsible parents, would be able to sustain the needs of their families and pay all expenses with R65 000 and even save some for the future.

Perhaps Mbali is still stuck in the lifestyle that he was accustomed to when he was still living with Coffee and is failing to adapt to the new life without him, and that affects the children.

Source: Black Coffee.

Black Coffee Makes A Huge Claim…Insists Ex Wife Is Trying To Destroy Him

Famous artist Black Coffee claims he been taking care of all the household expenses.I take care of all the kids and their school needs.On top of the all this from November he is reportedly been paying R65,000 towards Enhle and the kids.After the break up he also got the car fully paid off and it was under her ex wife’s name.

Users on the social media platform were quick to respond to the post.People on these streets should learn to not takes sides in matters like these especially when they don’t know the cause of the story. What is happening between the two isn’t good but people shouldn’t just comment if they don’t have any clue.

He did beyond expectation, some men would’ve avoided the mother and do only for the kids, which is very true because that shows that he is a real man who is willing to take care of his children.