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Lamiez Holworthy and DBN Gogo melt hearts in a recent video gone viral on social media.

DJ Lamiez played Khuza Gogo at a gig recently, DBN Gogo who was also present at the event jumped on stage to appreciate the mother of one for playing her song, and also showed her love by dancing with her.


From the video shared on social media, it looked so fun.

However South African applaud the support female artists are giving themselves the in the music industry.

Zozibini Tunzi has decided to add her voice to the banning of Caster Semenya from competing as an athlete.


Zozibini Tunzi has decided to add her voice to the banning of Caster Semenya from competing as an athlete.

Caster voiced out against it in partnership with LUX brand.

Taking to Instagram, Zozi stated that policing over women’s bodies has become a norm.

She went on to say that people want to tell women who they are and what they should be.

The star went on to slam people as Caster’s issue breaks her heart as she gets banned because she was born with hyperandrogenism which is believed to aid her speed

Zozi captioned: “The policing over women’s bodies, the boxing us and stripping away of our autonomy has become a norm. It seems like everyone wants to tell us who we are or who we should be. Women are not just one thing. We are multi-faceted! We come come in all shapes, shades and sizes. It breaks my heart that Caster Semenya has been banned from competing on the 800m race at the 2021 Olympics because someone else has decided her womanhood for her. I want to play my part rallying behind not only @castersemenya800m but other women who are to come after her. #IStandWithCaster and if you do to, join myself and Lux on this wonderful campaign by signing the petition. See link in bio!”

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Cubique DJ celebrates major milestone

Cubique DJ has hit another milestone on his social media.

The star stated that he has reach 34k followers on Twitter.

According to him, Cubique said it is a major milestone and he is happy.

He went on to thank his fans and followers for making it possible for him.

Cubique tweeted: “Just hit 34K on Twitter. We celebrate every milestone. Thank you so much.”

See tweet below:

Boity sparks pregnancy rumor

Boity who is in a relationship with one of South African finest actor reveals her desire to become a mother.
Taking to Twitter, the businesswoman expressed her thoughts saying: “I cannot WAIT to be a Mother!!!”
The tweet sparked rumors that she’s pregnant and without taking a chill, she thrashed the rumor.

A fan asked is she’s pregnant, and she clearly said she’s not, as she’s experiencing menstrual cramps.

“Nope. Matter of fact, I’m doing breathing exercises through my menstrual cramps as we speak,” she said.

Emtee reacts to Twitter user who likened him to Prince Kaybee.

The two musician have a particular thing in common, and it’s being outspoken on social media.

It was revealed that the trap star will shoot one of his music videos in US; but the rapper rudely reacted to the report.

Some fans tried to caution him, another person urged him to get someone else help handle his page.

Another tweep called him Prince Kaybee lite for being rude; lite simply means a less challenging version of a person or thing.

“Wena Emtee ur always rude…mxm Prince Kaybee lite,” tweep said.