Bheki Cele daughter is a beautiful , her looks and fashion sense

After a video of Bheki Cele dancing in Cape Town without her underwear went popular on social media a few months ago, she was mistakenly identified as the daughter of South Africa’s minister of police. A popular Twitter blogger lured her in.









When the video garnered greater attention, Bheki Cele, the minister of police, admitted that the woman in it is not his daughter. Cele claims that if the video showing his daughter was authentically released online, the blogger who posted it would be held legally responsible. Many people were embarrassed by Bheki Cele after his daughter publicly shamed him.

Very little information on Bheki Cele’s offspring can be found on the internet. Bheki had a previous marriage and divorce before tying the knot with Thembeka Ngcobo.

Bheki Cele’s daughter is called Khanyisa Cele. It is estimated that she is in her early twenties. According to rumors, she is also a university student in Cape Town. According to those in the know, she is a rising star in the media who now has a weekly radio show.

One of Khanyisa’s favorite things to do is eat, and another is to travel. The young woman has been traveling over Africa, visiting different nature areas, and posting photos from her adventures on Instagram. The way you dress and hold yourself, Khanyisa, make you look like Bheki Cele.

She inherited his dark complexion. In every conceivable way, she looks like Bheki Cele. Click on the images in the gallery above to see for yourself.

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